Hole in the Wall Restaurants, Part II

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Five more "hole in the wall restaurants" you should try.

Island Tropics

Before visiting Island Tropics I had visited about half a dozen Jamaican restaurants and I always left those restaurants feeling ripped off and disappointed. How else was I going to feel when the food I was eating was reminiscent of something from the frozen section of Sam's Club, with "100% Real Jamaican Flavors!"

I chalked it up to the thought that the restauranteurs of Jamaican eateries were similar to many of the owners of American Chinese restaurants, where quality and authenticity take a back seat to fast food like ensembles.

The owners at Island Tropics have taken a decidedly different approach. They care a lot about their food and  about their customer's satisfaction. They do a great job helping newbies figure out what to eat. They don't mind providing samples.

Their stews are made fresh daily. The Jerk Chicken is incredible, slow cooked. Plus, like many of Jacksonville's famed hole in the wall restaurants, you pay very little for a whole lot of quality food.

On their menu you will find: fish soup and stew, ox tails, ackee and codfish, red snapper, curry chicken, stew beef, mac and cheese...this is a link to their menu. For vegetarians/vegans they have plenty of entree meal options, not just side items you have to turn into a meal.

2527 N Main St
Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 355-9050

Mon-Sat 10 am - 9 pm
Sun 10 am - 2 pm

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