UNF Campus Construction Update

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The University of North Florida is in an extreme construction phase this summer. Rebuilding some facilities from the ground up, while building new additions of others, the school is pulling out all the stops to maximize its potential and attract future students. Here's a look at how UNF is continuously making up for what it lacks - and yes, that would be a football team.

A list of structures to come, their average cost, a brief detail of their inclusions, and their completion status. Most of the funding for all came from PECO (Public Education Capital Outlay).

Science and Humanities Building - Appx. $35-40 Million

This building will be located adjacent to the Social Sciences Building and will provide large classrooms, an animal care facility, laboratories, and new offices to support the mission of the college.  The building will be approximately 118,000 GSF.

Design and Construction Team:
Consultants: Perkins & Will/Harvard Jolly Partnership JV
Construction Management: Ajax Construction

Status: Construction phase was started in early July 2010. At this time, the concrete frame of the building is substantially complete. Substantial completion of the facility is anticipated around February, 2012

Block lettering carved into the front side of the building provide for added visually-appealing design.

Science and Engineering Remediation - Appx. $3.5 Million
This project entails the implementation of remedial work on the building envelope to correct latent waterproofing defects.

Design and Construction Team:
Consultants: Gale Associates, Inc.
Construction Management: The Weitz Company

Status: Design phase was started in early September 2010. Construction phase was started in early December, 2010 and is anticipated to take 12 months.

Disability Resource Center - Appx. $5 Million
This two story addition to the College of Education & Human Services will act as a liaison between students with disabilities and the collegiate community by providing academic support services necessary for the students’ academic pursuits. The addition will be approximately 15,000 GSF.

Design and Construction Team:
Programming Consultants: Baker Barrios Architect
Construction Management: PPI Construction Management

Status: Construction Documents are 80% complete. We anticipate starting construction in December 2010 and be complete in August 2011.

The COEHS is somewhat new itself, opening in summer 2009. It cost $27 million.

Chiller Plant Expansion - Appx. $8,000

In Building 5, part of several infrastructure projects funded by PECO.

Student Wellness & Sports Education Center - Appx. $20 Million
This dynamic facility will provide top-notch facilities for our student body, student athletes, and all of our community friends in northeast Florida.  The facility will house student support spaces along with the co-location of the administrative office of Health Promotions including offices, conference/seminar rooms and similar administrative units.
Additionally, the Student Wellness Center will provide Labs and Classrooms to promote educational awareness in substance abuse intervention as well a providing computer labs and testing/teaching classrooms. Phase I - approximately 71,000 GSF

Design and Construction Team:
Consultants: PSA Dewberry/Borelli JV
Construction Management: Gilbane Building Co.

Status: Construction Phase was started in late December, 2010, with the demolition of the Dottie Dorian Fitness Center. Footings and Foundations will start in January, 2011 with substantial completion of the Building anticipated in February, 2012.

The projected design of the building.

A new hand-painted mural of an "osprey nest", after the school's mascot, by students in the Art Department.

All design/construction team and status info courtesy of: http://www.unf.edu/uploadedFiles/president/trustees/2011/Jan_18/28a BOT 01-18-11 Item 11A Capital Projects Attachment 1 of 1.pdf

Recently Constructed

Student Union - Appx. $50 Million
The Student Union consists of two large structures slightly connected, with an open-air walkway in the center. It opened in 2009 and is the first LEED certified student union in Florida. It houses the bookstore, student government and other group offices and conference rooms, a food court, restaurant, and auditoriums. An amphitheater sits on the backside of it with a capacity of 6,000.

Osprey Fountains Residence Hall - Appx. $86 Million
The newest dormitory on campus, this hall consists of two five-story towers, housing 1,000 students. It is located off Kernan Blvd. and a long walkway connects students to the main campus. There is a pool and a lazy river, as well as a convenient store, at the center of the hall. It opened in summer 2009, and is also LEED certified.

A new dining facility is also under construction and the Electronic Media Department got a brand-new, state-of-the-art newsroom studio in 2009.

President John Delaney On UNF's Future

Courtesy of the UNF Broadcast Dept.

Article by Sarah Gojekian.