A Century of Florida's Tallest Skyscrapers

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The title of tallest building in Florida changed hands twelve times over the past 100 years. Of the 13 buildings to hold the title, 6 of them are in Jacksonville. Today, Metro Jacksonville takes a look at Florida's Tallest Buildings throughout more than a century.

7. Riverplace Tower - Jacksonville

Riverplace Tower (right)

Year Completed: 1967
Height: 127 Meters/28 Stories

Jacksonville's insurance headquarters era continued into the 1960's with the completion of the Gulf Life Tower. Now officially named the Riverplace Tower, Wachovia's graces the top of the building.

8. Park Tower - Tampa

The Park Tower is the dark highrise to the left.

Year Completed: 1972
Height: 140 Meters/36 Stories

With the completion of the Park Tower, Jacksonville loses the title of Florida's Tallest. The building has had several names in its history and is now known as the Colonial Bank Building.

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