A Century of Florida's Tallest Skyscrapers

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The title of tallest building in Florida changed hands twelve times over the past 100 years. Of the 13 buildings to hold the title, 6 of them are in Jacksonville. Today, Metro Jacksonville takes a look at Florida's Tallest Buildings throughout more than a century.

3. Florida Life Building - Jacksonville

Year Completed: 1912
Height: 45 Meters/11 Stories

A part of the Laura Trio, this building was also designed by Henry Klutho. It (and the rest of the Laura Trio) is owned by Cameron Kuhn, who was planning to turn the buildings into Office Condos and Retail Space. In light of Kuhn's financial difficulties, we shall see what is in store for these landmarks.

4. Heard National Bank Building (AKA the Graham Building) - Jacksonville

Year Completed: 1913
Height: 55 Meters/15 Stories

The only of the tallest to be demolished, it met its maker in 1981. It is now the site of the Bank of America Tower.

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