Metro Jacksonville Announces Website Changes

May 15, 2009 34 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

After months of intensive redesign, Metro Jacksonville is revealing its new website next week.The new site will be cleaner and faster, but the majority of the work revolved around building a brand new system from the ground up to better serve our needs as well as support new features planned for the near future.

We are adding a Cultural and Lifestyle Section to the website to track all of the cultural and arts issues which give our city its sense of uniqueness and its place in both the region and the country.

Although several of the best features will be carried forward, next week this design will fade into Jacksonville history.
We are also launching new section front pages (like History and Development and the others presently available) which are tailored to the specific topics.  They will have their own news feed and eventually their own editors.  Which brings us to our next announcement.

One significant and visible change is the announcement of our Contributing Editorial Board.

After more than three years, several long time contributors and posters will be joining our team as contributing editors on the website and helping out with the editing and story development.

Bob Mann, the noted train historian and in-house expert on transit and  transportation, will be among the first of those editors.

Bob, or  Ocklawaha, as he is known online, brings his brilliant insight as well as his  astounding grasp of both local and transit history to the table and we are proud  and delighted to have him join us in this capacity.

Also in the development pipeline are features which will allow even greater reader input, allowing our posters to add notable news stories from around Jacksonville to our news feed on the site.

Metro Jacksonville has, and continues to be, a labor-intensive passion. Not only ours but of hundreds of posters and tens of thousands of regular readers.  

We are excited about the improvements - which reflect how much our readers and posters contribute to this site on a daily basis - and we hope that you will be as well!