A New Look for East Bay Street?

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A proposal to expand the East Bay Street landscaping is making its way through city hall. If implemented, the plan intends to add trees, new sidewalk pavers, and a median in an effort to emulate a street like Las Olas Boulevard in South Florida.

Bay Street Streetscape Phase II

At least two busy Downtown thoroughfares will be converted from one-way traffic to two-way traffic this year, including Bay Street between Ocean and Newnan as soon as April. That was the report from Jacksonville Economic Development Commission Deputy Executive Director Paul Crawford at Wednesday’s quarterly meeting of Downtown Vision, Inc. (DVI).


Phase I, the north side of Bay between Ocean and Liberty, was completed in 2005 before Super Bowl XXXIX.

Phase II, will include replacing sidewalks with new pavers, installing historic light fixtures and adding landscaping on both sides of the street, between Ocean and Main Streets.  This work will also be done on the south side of Bay, between Ocean and Liberty Streets.

The Phase II streetscape is expected to cost $1.5 million, including a 15 percent contingency.


A present aerial of Bay Street. 

A conceptual sketch showing a landscaped median added to Bay Street. 


A conceptual cross section drawing of the proposed Bay Street improvements.


Current Bay Street perspective view.


Bay Street perspective with median concept implemented.


Las Olas Boulevard - Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale's Las Olas Blvd. serves as an example of what the JEDC envisions for Bay Street.