A Different Waterfront

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Today, the majority of Jacksonville's water based industry is located north of the Hart Bridge. During the mid 20th century, the downtown riverfront resembled cities like San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego and New York City. A bustling district filled with wharfs, seafood markets, shipyards, and wholesale water-based industry.

Commodore Point

Commodore Point was the home of the St. Johns River Shipbuilding shipyard during World War II.  This short lived shipyard employed 20,000 Jacksonville citizens in 1944, who produced Liberty ships bound for Europe and the Pacific.  During the 1950's, this area gained popularity in industrial based businesses that had begun the trend of moving outside of the heart of downtown.  Today, Metropolitan Park occupies the site of the old St. Johns River Shipbuilding Company. Despite the reduction in industrial activity, Commodore Point still is the home of the North Florida Shipyards, Inc.



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