Where's Ours?

October 10, 2007 21 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article

No matter the size, both big and small, cities across America are finding ways to bring signage to the streets of downtown. What's up with us?

1. Detroit†

2. Cleveland

3. Dallas

4. Columbus

5. Norfolk

6. Raleigh

7. Augusta

8. Atlanta

9. San Antonio

10. Philadelphia

11. Knoxville

12. Bloomington, Indiana

13. Montreal

14. Houston

15. Chicago

16. Madison, Wisconsin

17. Toronto

18. La Grange, Illinois

19. New York City

20. Denver

Since Metro Jacksonville's creation in early 2006, we've promoted enhancing the downtown experience by keeping things simple.† One of the most simple and inviting†elements for an enjoyable experience†is being able to go from†point A to point B without much confusion.† Unfortunately, after a year of advocating, the†importance of†up-to-date wayfaring and directional signage is still being ignored.  

Jacksonville, DVI, JTA, Ron Barton (where did this guy go?)†and the JEDC... it's time to get with the program.† Let's master the simple elements before we get too big for our britches and take on†designing pocket parks next to soup kitchens, placing hot dog stands on the Main Street Bridge, or shoving bus rapid transit through downtown's most pedestrian oriented streets.