Introducing River City Marketplace

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Introducing River City Marketplace
 River City Marketplace

 Located at I-95 and Airport Rd, River City is within walking distance of a CSX  rail line that could be a logical terminal location for a starter commuter rail  line. An express bus (perhaps AirJTA) could serve the airport-to-rail corridor  with stops at hotels and the marketplace along the way.
 While not the mall that developers originally intended, River City Marketplace  is still the largest shopping center to be constructed on the Northside and will  introduce an array of retail destinations that previously only existed locally  across the river or in Orange Park.
 When completed, this 425 acre mixed use project, will include a 125 acre  shopping district, 900 residential units, 300 hotel rooms, and 133,000sf of  light industrial space. The shopping center, developed by Ramco Gershenson, will  bring 1.13 million square feet of retail space to the Northside and is expected  to attract residents as far north as Nassau County and Georgia.
 Announced tenants include Super Walmart, Lowes, Petsmart, Circuit City,  Michaels, Old Navy, Office Max, and Wallace Theaters (18 screen megaplex).