Mayor Peyton's approval rating slides to 27 percent

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According to a phone survey that was conducted from February 7th-13th, only 27% of Jacksonville registered voters who voted in the last mayoral election would identify themselves as 'satisfied' with Mayor John Peyton's job performance. Breaking it down further, 36% said they are dissatisfied, while 38% said they are neutral on the mayor's performance.

Mayor recall election?

In addition to being asked about their satisfaction with the mayor's job performance, survey participants were also asked if they would vote yes, no, or undecided in a mayoral recall election if it were held today. The majority of respondents said they would vote "no" to recalling the mayor, while 58% said they were "undecided" or would vote "yes' (20% said "yes" and 38% were "undecided").

Interesting Respondant Comments

As may be expected, those who said they were "satisfied" with the mayor's performance didn't have as many comments and were not nearly as vocal as those who said they were "dissatisfied".

Comments from those who were satisfied were composed of these three:

"I completely support the mayor"
"He is a nice person"
"I think a recall vote would be ridiculous"

Comments from those dissatisfied or neutral on Peyton included:

"I wish we had had more candidates in the last election."
"A recall vote to me depends upon the courthouse issue."
"He is wishy-washy and vacillates."
"I'm upset because he gave away $36 million on the courthouse."
"I'm immensely dissatisfied."
"I'm extremely dissatisfied."
"We could've done better."
"I'm disappointed with him flip-flopping on the Craig Airfield thing."
"There is a lot of waste going around."

A note about the survey

While the results of this poll are not as accurate as they could have been with a larger sampling size, the poll was informal in nature and is viewed as a general barometer in determining voter confidence in the mayor.

The Survey

The survey consisted of 120 total registered voters who voted in the last mayoral election. Of the 120 participants, 55 were democrats, 55 were republicans and 10 held no party affiliation. The data from the survey was collected from February 8-13, 2008. There is a 10% margin of error.

Participants were presented with the following:

"We're calling today to do a two-question survey concerning Mayor John Peyton.

First, we'd like to know if you are currently satisfied with, unsatisfied with or neutral on his job performance as mayor?

Second, the local news media has recently mentioned the possibility of a mayoral recall vote later in the year. We'd like to know if a vote to recall the mayor were held today, would you vote "yes", "no" or would you be "undecided"?


Question 1 - Are you satisfied with the job performance fo the mayor?


Question 2 - If a recall vote were held today, would you vote to recall the mayor?