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Riverside's Toxic New Zoning Overlay Proposal

If passed by City Council, this new overlay will effectively end the growth of Riverside Avondale as a walkable vibrant urban neighborhood. With draconian measures calling for the closure of all new restaurants at 8pm, provisions making it illegal to sell food to go, and limiting all future restaurants...

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Seven sure steps to reactivate your neighborhood

A vibrant public realm leads to successful businesses and additional economic opportunity. Here's seven sure fire ways to reactivate your community without breaking the piggy bank.

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When Downtown's Policies Went to the Southside

In addition to studying and writing about the urban policies that have created vibrancy and success around the country, Metro Jacksonville has also spent a few years documenting the artificial impediments that hold downtown Jacksonville back. In these humorous graphics, we conjecture what would happen...

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New downtown skatepark on the way. Where should it go?

A new skatepark appears to be on its way to downtown Jacksonville. However, an exact site has not been selected. Here's a look at the locations under consideration and an offer for your voice to be heard on where this skatepark should go.

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1990: The Plans for Renovating the City Core

This is part of an ongoing series reexamining the arguments and public opinions that captured the public imagination or swayed the conventional wisdom about how the city would develop in the future. The decisions of the past affect us all in the present, and understanding why things were done or what...

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The 1992 Downtown White Paper: Catastrophe

In 1992 five years had passed since the 1987 plan which reformulated the 1972 Master Plan. In the twenty that had passed since the '72 Plan was implemented, most of the elements of that strategy had been executed. Massive redevelopment of the Hemming Park area, the implementation of the ASE, the reconstruction...

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The Decline and Fall of the Jacksonville Downtown

A throwback article from ten years ago: It interesting that it took a decade to get to the bottom of the questions raised that I was working on at the time. August 6, 2006: A few hours earlier today I had the pleasure of sitting in the basement of the Park Place building on Hemming Park with Ennis...

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Maple Street Opening in Riverside? Not So Fast!

Despite eliciting interest, two aging buildings in a prime Riverside location remain blighted. Are zoning laws in to blame?

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