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Amazon planning to open 2,000 drive thru grocery stores

Amazon plans to build 2,000 drive through grocery stores across the country. Is Jacksonville ready?

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Political Mojo: Marijuana Legalization in Florida!

Today on Political Mojo, Jack Twachtman joins Meredith O'Malley Johnson to talk about medical marijuana: the history of marijuana prohibition, current medical research, how much freaking money Colorado is making off pot, and Amendment Two. Check it out, after the jump!

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Riverside Overlay: Back To The Drawing Board

Following our coverage last week of the toxic new regulations and zoning changes introduced by Jim Love's new Riverside Avondale Zoning Overlay Bill, the council member has decided to withdraw the bill and introduce a substitute bill instead.

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Bryant Park Restoration: Blueprint for Hemming

Bryant Park in New York is one of the most celebrated urban park change agent stories in the United States. It went from one of the most notorious public spaces in a city that was hardly short of such areas to an active park that has literally become a byword for friendly upscale tactical urbanism....

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Syria’s Not So Civil War Explained

We are lucky to have a guest editorial here on Metrojacksonville written from the perspective of one of the least heard viewpoints in the world, a Kurdish opinion. Dr. Koohzad is a Professor Emeritus of Middle Eastern Studies, and the author of a forthcoming book called, ‘In Search of Kurdistan’....

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Reminder Photos: Flooding During Tropical Storm Fay

In about 18 hours, Jville will be in the full grip of Hurricane Matthew, which is expected to have a 6 to 9 foot Storm Surge. We decided to run an old article from 2008, showing the flooding after Tropical Storm Fay throughout Jax. Check out the photos to get an idea of the flooding that occurred in...

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