Urban Neighborhoods: Riverside

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Located just south of I-95 and the Fuller Warren Bridge, combined with Avondale, Riverside is one of the largest historic districts in the Southeast.

Riverside's first growth spurt came in 1887, when the streetcar system was expanded to connect the newly annexed rural suburb with downtown. Following the Great Fire of 1901, the community became a popular place for aspiring architects and their competing residential architectural designs. Today, Riverside remains a crown jewel amongst Jacksonville's urban neighborhoods.

1. College Street

2. Oak Street

3. Riverside Square (Riverside and Margaret)

4. Riverside Park

5. Five Points - Park Street

6. Five Points - Park Street

7. Church of the Good Shepherd

8. West Riverside Elementary School

9. Residential

10. Stockton Street

11. Cherry Street

12. St. Vincent's Medical Center

13. Studio 16 - College Street

14. Copeland Street

15. Oak Street

16. Herschel Street

17. Riverside Memorial Park

18. Five Points - Park Street

19. Kickback's - King Street

20. Fenimore Apartments - Riverside Avenue

21. Five Points - Margaret Street

22.Delgado Building - Oak Street

23. Osceola Street

24. Five Points - Corner of Margaret and Park Streets

25. Riverside Park

26. Riverside Memorial Park

27. St. Johns River, looking east towards San Marco

28. James Street

29. Green Street

30. Margaret Street looking east

31. College Street, near Cherry Street.

32. The Row - Riverside Avenue