Best Family Friendly Restaurants - Round 2

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Round 2 of the best family friendly restaurants, by

Sid & Linda’s Seafood Market and Restaurant

Living on the coast means that we have access to some amazing fresh seafood.  One seafood place that has never disappointed us is Sid & Linda’s.  Its convenient Atlantic Boulevard location makes it easy to get to no matter where you’re coming from.  And the casual setting is perfect for families.  We’ve always had fast, friendly service, and really good food.  Our kids love fish, so the menu has plenty of options for not only them but for us grownups too.  I can’t get enough of their spinach cakes.  Fresh spinach cake, seasoned perfectly, and then pan seared to a beautiful, crispy golden brown – yes, please!  Sid & Linda’s is also just a fun place to take kids.  The adjoining seafood market offers a place to take a rambunctious toddler for a stroll while waiting for your food.  Sid & Linda’s is located at 12220 Atlantic Boulevard, in the BJ’s shopping plaza at Kernan and Atlantic.

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