5 Major Retail Projects Coming to Town Center

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In a few months, the area around St. Johns Town Center will radically change. Here's a brief look at five major retail developments coming soon to Gate and Town Center Parkways.

Mill Dam Branch

Out of the projects highlighted in this article, Mill Dam Branch may take the longest to develop and end up as the most impressive. Anticipated to be completed in phases over six to eight years, this Houson,TX-based Hines Global project could comprise a mix of residences, stores, restaurants, services, a hotel, offices and parks and green space. Being promoted as "a market-defining community", walkability, ample green space and a centralized lake will be major elements of the 105-acre infill site at the southwest quadrant of I-295 East Beltway and Butler Boulevard. A main element throughout, Gardner said, was walkability so residents, employees and visitors could make their way through the community without having to drive.

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