The Lost Skyscrapers of Jacksonville

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Metro Jacksonville takes a look back at the six downtown highrises (10 stories and above) that no longer exist.

3T. Hotel Mason/Mayflower - 11 floors

George H. Mason opened the Hotel Mason on the corner of Bay and Julia Streets in 1912. Known as one the city's "big five" hotels of the early 20th century, the Mason featured 250 rooms and a top floor restaurant overlooking the St. Johns River. In 1950, the Mason was acquired by local hotel magnate Robert Kloeppel and rebranded as the Hotel Mayflower. Featuring a popular rooftop lounge called the Cavalettes, Kloeppel's Hotel Mayflower was advertised as one of Jacksonville's finest with every known convenience in first class hotel operations. It was promoted as having a television, radio and private bath with tub and shower in every room, an excellent coffee shop, and unique tavern and bar.

The Mayflower was located at Julia and Bay Streets. The EverBank Tower (then Southern Bell) replaced it during the early 1980s. Courtesy of the Jacksonville Public Library Special Collections Department.

Like much of downtown's early 20th century hotels, the Hotel Mayflower would not survive the 1970s.  In 1978, it and surrounding buildings were demolished to make way for the Southern Bell Tower. Completed in 1983, 447' tall tower is now known as EverBank Center and is downtown's largest by leasable square footage.

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