Obama’s Budget Includes $17 Million for BRT to Beach

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On Tuesday morning, the Office of Management and Budget announced President Obama's Budget for Fiscal Year 2017, and it includes $17 million for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s (JTA) First Coast Flyer (Bus Rapid Transit) East Corridor Project.

Funding was proposed under the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Capital Investment Grants. The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2017 requests $3.5 billion to support the construction of major capital projects that provide new and expanded transit service, important economic benefits to communities, and help address existing fixed-guideway transit corridors that are at or near capacity. The President’s Budget supports 31 high-impact projects in 18 States.

“The budget announcement this morning is significant in terms of funding the First Coast Flyer East Corridor,” said JTA Chief Executive Officer Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “We are grateful for the ongoing support from Congressman Ander Crenshaw, Congresswoman Corrine Brown, and Senator Bill Nelson. Their support will ensure funding is secured to expand frequent and reliable transportation on quiet, energy efficient compressed natural gas buses, making is easier for First Coast residents to get to work, school and doctor appointments.”

The 18.5 mile East Corridor is the fourth segment of a five-phased First Coast Flyer system planned for the Jacksonville area. The scope includes 21 stations, transit signal priority at 32 intersections (holds green lights, allowing buses to move through intersections without stopping) and off-board fare collection. It also will include 19 energy efficient compressed natural gas buses. The $33.9 million project is funded by the FTA, Florida Department of Transportation and the JTA.

The First Coast Flyer serves as the backbone to the regional transit system. When completed in 2019, the Flyer system will cover 57 miles of destination travel, and will be the largest bus rapid transit system of its kind in the Southeast.

For information about the First Coast Flyer, please contact the JTA’s customer service line at 904.630.3100; TDD 904.630.3191 or visit www.fcf.jtafla.com.

Source: Jacksonville Transportation Authority