Where Jacksonville Scores: The Sports Complexes

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Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville

In 2003, the city opened the $34 million Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville, as part of Mayor John Delaney’s $2.2 billion Better Jacksonville Plan. The Stadium, nicknamed “Little Camden Yards,” and is now named Bragen Field in honor of the family owners’ passion for baseball. With its classic brick exterior, and grass berm seating the park maintains the old school atmosphere of days gone by while still providing many modern amenities. There are nearly 6,000 stadium-style chairs and room for more than 11,000 fans, the highest capacity in all of Double-A baseball. The park also features 12 luxury skyboxes, four sky decks, a large scoreboard and video board. With so many upsides it is of little wonder why the park was chosen as home to Jacksonville’s most recent professional team, the North American Soccer League’s Division 2, Armada.

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