8 Unique Products Produced in Jacksonville

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Jacksonville's manufacturing scene is a Florida anomaly. Jacksonville is home to several manufacturers making products that one would not expect to find in Florida. Here's a few.

4. Gerdau Long Steel North America
16770 Rebar Road
Jacksonville, FL 32234

Image courtesy of www.concreteconstruction.net

Gerdau Ameristeel is the second largest mini-mill steel producer, and steel recycler in North America, with an annual manufacturing capacity of more than 10 million metric tons of mill finished steel products. In the company's Jacksonville mill, the only steel mill in Florida, there are two major operations: the melt shop and rolling mill. There is also a shredder at some locations, which takes large objects-- like cars and other large pieces of metal-- and shreds them down to be melted in the furnace at the melt shop. To put the mill's output in a visual perspective, there is approximately one ton of steel in the average car. So basically the Jacksonville operation is melting and rolling about 90 cars per hour or up to 750,000 cars per year.
In operation since 1976, the mill employs 300 and turns 640,000 tons of steel into rebar and wire rod annually.

Image courtesy of Kepware Technologies

Image courtesy of www.concreteconstruction.net

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