4 Years of Brown: Taking DT Jax to the next level!

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On July 1, 2011, Mayor Alvin Brown became the first African American Mayor in Jacksonville's history. At the time, Mayor Brown promised that he would take Jacksonville to the Next Level. Revitalizing downtown Jacksonville was a major part of his plan to do just that. In honor of his last day as Mayor of the City of Jacksonville, here's a look at a few major downtown projects completed or under construction during Mayor Alvin Brown's four years in office.

2015 (First 6 Months)

In 2011, Mayor Alvin Brown promised taxpayers a new Winn-Dixie for downtown. We already had one. Nevertheless, he did deliver a new Fresh Market, which is the first full line grocery store to be built in the city's core in decades.

Brooklyn Station

Jessie Ball DuPont Center

Southbank Riverwalk

State Attorney's Office

220 Riverside

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