Turpentine Births Modern Day Jacksonville

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The turpentine and resin industry was a driving force behind the development of 19th century port cities like Pensacola and, of course, Jacksonville. Once Florida’s largest industry, and one of the oldest industries in the United States, turpentine is a ubiquitous ingredient in American household products including paints, medicines, hair spray, and cosmetics (to name a few). Here's a brief look at its impact on Jacksonville over the last century.

Fragrance Manufacturing in Jax

IFF International Flavors & Fragrances: This company got its start in the turpentine industry. IFF began in 1958 as a merger between Polak & Schwarz and van Amerigen-Haebler. Today, they are still operating a location in Jacksonville, but their products have shifted to primarily flavor and fragrance products.  

Renessenz, LLC.

Renessenz LLC: Renessenz dates back to over 100 years ago, where it started off as the Standard Turpentine Company. While Renessenz got its start in the naval stores industry, today, it operates as a flavor and fragrance company, too.

Florida Metal Products Inc.: A 1923 manufacturing metal cup and gutter products for the turpentine industry under the leadership of Lee B. Jones.  Over time, as the turpentine industry became replaced by synthetics, they began producing building products instead.

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