Talking BBQ with The Butt Hutt Smokehouse

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Pulled Pork Empanada with slaw. Photo courtesy Butt Hutt Smokehouse.

7. Can you describe your smoking style?

Low and slow. Prepping the meat properly is just as important as the smoking process. We first remove the unwanted fat on the pork then we use our caramelizing dry rub and Southern pecan dry rub and then off to the pit it goes.

8. Where did you learn to smoke meat?

Trial and error in my backyard on a tiny little smoker that only fits about two butts!

Butt Hutt - beans
Home baked beans

9. Do you smoke any of your sides?

We do a Smoked Poblano Corn Bread. We smoke the peppers and finish the loaves in the smoker

10. How did you come up with your menu?

Trial and error mostly! All of our recipes are our own and we are open to criticism.

11. Do you make your own sausages?

Not yet!

12. Is there any seasonality to your menu?

Not currently, but we'd like to offer seasonal dishes in the future, once we get more established.

13. What would you recommend for a first time visitor to get a sense of your cooking?

Our Southern Pecan Smoked Brisket sandwich with slaw on top and a side of our beans. I like to dip the sandwich in the beans!

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