Jacksonville vs Sarasota: Revitalizing Downtown

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Downtown Sarasota has become one of the hottest urban districts in the State of Florida. It's streets are now lined with sidewalk cafes, boutique retail shops, manicured green spaces and apartment/condominium towers. Can Jacksonville learn anything from the urban core of a metropolitan area with 1/2 the residents? Take a look and give us your opinion.

Greater Main Street District

Greater Main Street: Encompasses all of Main Street, 1st Street, State Street and their surrounding areas.
Shopping and dining with local and national retailers and restaurants, Art Galleries representing Artists from Sarasota and all over the world, Dining and Dancing the night away, Acclaimed Hair Salons and Spa’s and if that is not enough- the Symphony, Ballet, Opera, and Theater. - See more at: http://www.dsasarasota.com/districts/greater-main-street#sthash.6JKHW6lW.dpuf

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