Five Lessons for Jacksonville to Bring Retail Downtown

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Recently, a panel at the annual International Council of Shopping Centers offered a list of important points that cities like Jacksonville need to consider when trying to establish retail districts downtown. Here's a few lessons for Jacksonville based off a story by Andrew Keatts of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

5. Clear Roadblocks

what are we selling potential tenants in downtown Jacksonville?

Carl Goertemoeller, Vice President of Macy’s, says that to attract high end tenants, it is important to make sure there is a clear path to opening. It is important to identify and appeal to project detractors early. It is also important to eliminate restrictions. Goertemoeller says, “"If it's a marginal site, governmental factors are a check in the negative column. If it's too difficult, they'll say they're moving on."

Cities should use their knowledge of their community to their advantage when trying to sell a tenant on a location, then. Show potential tenants around the whole area, so they not only have an idea of the immediate location of their potential store, but also so they know the neighborhood, who they are selling to, and their existing competition.

Original article by Andrew Keatts of Rice Kinder Institute For Urban Research: The Kinder Institute for Urban Research is a multi-disciplinary ‘think-and-do tank’ housed on the Rice University campus in central Houston, focusing on urban issues in Houston, the American Sunbelt, and around the world.”

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