Images of Working Waterfronts: Tarpon Springs

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A working watefront is a district where water-dependent activity, such as ports and fishing docks, are in great abundance. Just about every city on the coast or a river has their own version. However, as time goes on, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find those that have been able to maintain their historic character. Tarpon Springs' Sponge Docks, along the Anclote River, is one of those special places.

The Sponge Docks are located three miles up from the mouth of the Anclote River. Here, the river is lined with fishing vessels, shipyards, seafood packaging houses, restaurants and boat touring companies.

Dimitri's on the Water. Several restaurants serve traditional Greek cuisine and fresh seafood.


Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grill


Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.

Good night from Anclote Key Preserve State Park.

Aerial of Tarpon Springs

Aerial of the Sponge Docks District

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