Lost Jacksonville: Honeymoon/Campbell Hill

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Today it's a major logistics hub for the state of Florida. During the late 19th century it was a rural community just west of downtown Jacksonville: Honeymoon.

Campbell Hill Today

This building at the intersection of Harper and Ives Streets was the long time location of the First Samuel Baptist Church.

Campbell Hill's last two houses are situated at the intersection of Harper and Hanover Streets, just north of McCoys Creek.  Both structures are over 100 years old.

Headed east on Harper Street, under a maze of support columns for Interstate 95's Myrtle Avenue Overpass. Most of what was Campbell Hill has disappeared to make room for Interstate 95 and associated expansions since 1960.

Myrtle Avenue: Campbell Hill's Abandoned Business District

Mrytle Avenue, between Dennis Street and McCoys Creek, was the business district for campbell Hill and neighborhing Honeymoon before the construction and opening of Interstate 95 in 1960.

The Myrtle Avenue Subway was constructed by the Jacksonville Terminal Company in 1909. The central section of the subway accommodated the streetcar line that connected Honeymoon and Campbell Hill with downtown Jacksonville.

Dating back to 1909, past tenants include Dezzie Barber's grocery market and Mrs. Amanda Foster's tavern.

Completed in 1909, this building's tenants included Jackson Smart's tavern and George Moskowitz's market.A nearby structure dating back to 1920 that still stands has housed several businesses including the Circus Bar and Jackson Smart's pool room.

Built in 1920 and still used as an auto repair shop, this building was once home to Jos Bloodworth Auto Repair.

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