5 More Places That Existed Then That Are Better Now

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Here are five more historic sites in Jacksonville that have gotten better with age.

5. San Marco Square

San Marco Square's Little Theatre in 1953. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/34787

San Marco Square was an idea of Telfair Stockton & Company, who developed the neighborhood of San Marco in 1920. Stockton laid plans for a triangular-shaped shopping district to be placed in the middle of this upcoming City of South Jacksonville neighborhood. Connected to neighboring Jacksonville by streetcar, this district became known as San Marco Square.

While San Marco Square was widely popular at the beginning, the commercial square had seriously declined by about 1970. Many of the square’s shops ended up closing. However, San Marco Square is one of the few remaining “authentic town centers” in Jacksonville, and as a result, in 1990 the City of Jacksonville took on a major renovation project that turned the square around.

Today, the square is a popular commercial destination for locals and tourists alike. The pedestrian friendly shopping district includes restaurants and bars, parks, several statues, lush landscaping, and pedestrian green spaces.

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Article by Kristen Pickrell.

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