TEDxJacksonville: Introducing the Speakers

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TEDxJacksonville has picked an incredible group of people to speak at the TEDxJacksonville event.

Gender Bound

Judi Herring’s journey into the complexity of gender began in the early 1990s in a Baltimore hospital room where a child waited for an answer. As a urologic surgeon in training, Judi would help the child conform to a cultural mandate and give the child’s parents a response to the time-honored question: boy or girl? The experience illuminated a broader truth that Judi carried forward while publicly navigating a more accessible unknowing pathway. Working with Bert Herring, Judi invited others to unknow healthy eating and literally conduct self-study to discover new insights. Worldwide enthusiasm for challenging healthy eating dogma fuels Judi’s confidence that the world is ready to explore gender in the context of unknowing.

Why did you apply to give a Talk at TEDxJacksonville?

I’ve held tightly to an idea worth spreading for over twenty years. Perhaps more accurately, the idea has held tightly to me, but only now has time and circumstance aligned to compel me to work to spread it. TEDxJacksonville 2014’s theme, (un)knowing provided the perfect framework for the idea’s public debut. I’m honored and delighted that the TEDxJacksonville team agreed that it’s time to spread this idea.  

What is your favorite TED Talk?

My TED Talk favorites change often. Today’s favorite is Ze Frank’s TED 2014 talk entitled, Are you human? It’s a favorite because in 4 minutes and 34 seconds, the speaker moves the audience through a smorgasbord of human emotions and offers them ponderables that will undoubtedly linger and fuel conversations for hours after he leaves the stage. Creative and fun, the talk made me smile.

What does (un)knowing mean to you?

(Un)knowing is a mindset, fronted by a clear and open receiver and active exploration of new information, perspectives and ideas as an intentional way to expand understanding.

What do you wish the world (or the city of Jacksonville) could (un)know?

I wish the world could (un)know its enemies and actively engage in the process of discovering its shared human connections. I’m reminded of the Christmas truce and other unofficial “live and let live” actions during World War I. If there’s any truth to the accounts of such truces, I trust that most adversaries could be guided through an (un)knowing process of discovery and emerge on the other side with shared and mutual human connections. Building a community culture of respect and emulation of the (un)knowing mindset is a wish worth transforming into a strategy, a plan and ultimately reality. It’s my second wish that TEDxJacksonville will jumpstart that possibility.

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