10 Haunted Places In Jacksonville

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If you're the type of person who believes in ghost, ghouls, and goblins, here are few sites in town you might want to avoid this weekend.

Annie Lytle Elementary School

Photograph courtesy of David Gano

It has captured the imaginations of Jaxons for decades. Abandoned for 54 years, unsubstantiated claims range from a cannibal principal who ate students to a 1960s furnace explosion that killed several people.

While it's doubtful that longtime principal "Miss Annie" Lytle Housh ate her students, the school's architect, Rutledge Holmes, did kill himself with a .32-caliber pistol in 1929. Reported to have been heavily drinking for a while, according to Reclaiming Jacksonville, his suicide note read:

"Do not notify any one. I have some pains in the region of my heart. Should I die I would like to be wrapped in one of my camping blankets and buried under some pretty trees in the country in an unmarked grave. Take what I have in Quincy for the trouble. R. Holmes."

Whatever one believes, it's hard to deny that the Annie Lytle is a creepy place.

Click HERE for more interior images of Annie Lytle Elementary School.

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