So Much Energy, Isaac Newton Would Be Jealous

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Metro Jacksonville's Allison Wallace spends a day with Councilwoman Lori Boyer.

To sit in the same room with Jacksonville’s City Councilwoman Lori Boyer is to experience her energetic, vivacious character. Councilwoman Boyer is full of charismatic energy that has the ability to rub off on other people.

Born in South Dakota, she did well in school and luckily got accepted to college in Georgetown, Washington DC. At first she majored in foreign language and believed it would be a wonderful opportunity to travel to many different places. Soon after realizing there were extremely accomplished native speakers of those languages, which would have forced those trying to learn the language to only translate for papers, she changed to political science and economics.

In her spare time, Councilwoman Boyer enjoys cooking, although she says she does not get to do it nearly as much as she used to. Her favorite and most current hobby, though, is sewing. She mostly sews upholstery, which is something she really loves to do for her children and grandchildren. This past Christmas, she made curtains for her grandson.

Aside from its climate and beauty, one of her most favorite things about Jacksonville is the people. She believes Jacksonville has a warm community with friendly citizens who are openly willing to accept new people. The education system gives more opportunity to its children instead of forcing it upon them. Although she loves Jacksonville, she would not mind travelling to Costa Rica because it is supposed to be “beautiful and fabulous.” She would also like to journey through the Aztec Ruins, Brazil, and Argentina, and she would like to visit Scotland once more.

Councilwoman Boyer believes she has been blessed with her high energy, which helps her to everything she wants/needs to do. She says, “People always tease me for how energetic I am.” Nevertheless, her liveliness makes her such a joy to be around. It is a characteristic that helps her perceive the bigger picture, helps her stay optimistic. Leading by example and employing her energy, Councilwoman Boyer has become a successful woman in the Jacksonville society. Ultimately, she is someone to look up to, someone to aspire to become.

Article by Allison Wallace