Sid and Linda’s Restaurant Review

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Metro Jacksonville's Kelsi Hasden takes a trip to Sid and Linda's Seafood Market and Restaurant, located at Atlantic and Kernan Boulevards.

If you have ever been to Safe Harbor in Mayport, then you have experienced Sid and Linda’s hard work gathering the freshest ingredients and preparing delicious entrees.  “Sid and Linda’s”, a restaurant and fishery located at the Atlantic Boulevard and Kernan Boulevard intersection, opened in April 2013.  A friend and I ate there two weeks ago for the first time.  The food was amazing and my server was fantastic.  Let me describe to you what was ordered:

I ordered the shrimp and scallop basket with the shrimp fried and the scallops blackened, and the scallops melted on your tongue.  The basket came with fries (and who can say no to fries?).  I ordered the spinach cake, which my server said I absolutely had to have, and an extra side of the seaweed salad.  Oh my, I was not disappointed.  The spinach cake is baked so that it maintains a crisp outer crust while the cheese, spinach, and bread crumbs inside the cake are soft and savory.  My taste buds have never loved parmesan so much.  The seaweed salad, which Ms. Linda makes herself, was refreshing with the crunch of seaweed and cucumber and hint of sesame.

My friend ordered the grouper (the server recommended it blackened) with green beans, twice baked potato, and a side of coleslaw.  The meal comes with hush puppies, which he doused with malt vinegar.  The grouper was flaky and moist, and the blackening seasoning had quite a kick.  The twice baked potato was standard: potato, bacon, cheese, delicious.  The coleslaw had a light, tangy flavor that complemented the heavier flavors of the meal.  The green beans still crunched when you bit into them and were sautéed with mushrooms and red peppers, adding a splash of color to the plate.

Now that you know about Sid and Linda’s, you need to go.  

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Article by Kelsi Hasden