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EatDrinkJax.com talking fish tacos with Jacksonville Food Truck What's the Catch?

Talking Fish Tacos with What’s The Catch?

1. Tell us about What's The Catch?

We three owners, Richard, Brett and Glenn, have been good friends for a long time. Over time we’ve discussed different business concepts. Richard and Brett have been involved with the food and seafood industry for a long time. With all the hype around the Beaches having food trucks, Richard brought it to our attention and we decided that the only way we’d do it is if we had a really cool truck. We started looking around and, ironically, we found the Airstream the next day, and that’s how it started. We all went full in.

We wanted a retro throw back to the 1960’s beachside type of food truck. The Airstream gives us a more of a laid-back feel that’s associated with the Keys and the southern Florida beaches. That leads to thoughts of shrimp, fresh caught from out of the surf. It’s about the guy in flip flops and baggies coming up to grab a quick bite.

2. What sort of food do you serve?

We are 90% seafood. We offer healthy grilled options and of course some deep fried options as well. On the healthier side we have our Cilantro Lime Grilled Sea Scallop Taco, we have a beautiful fresh Seared Ahi Tuna Taco, and with our various Grouper tacos we use a premium grilled grouper without added butter or dropping the fish into the deep fryer. We take the filet and bring it from the grill to the buyer. On the fried side we have our Island Shrimp Taco, Blue Lava Shrimp Taco, Cheddar Ranch Fried Chicken Taco, Buffalo Chicken Taco, Fried Seasoned Catfish Taco to name a few.

The Gritty Kitty with catfish, grits, bacon, cheese and chives

3. Are you also featuring gluten-free options?

Yes, anything we serve can be made gluten-free. Most of our food is naturally gluten-free and then we offer the option of corn tortillas in place of flour tortillas for our tacos. Not everything is automatically gluten-free though, so it’s best to let us know how you want it prepared.

4. Why did you decide on a seafood food truck?

Chef Brett is a deep sea spear fisherman as a hobbyist. For years he’s been cooking us food and catering large parties. When the opportunity came to have a food truck with both Chef Brett and Chef Richard, seafood was right in their wheelhouse and there really isnt another seafood truck on the street. It’s a preferred menu choice for all of us as owners and operators - it’s what we like to eat. We all prefer a great piece of fish over a burger. If we’re going to have food waists, we’re going to enjoy it!

5. Did you ever consider a brick and mortar restaurant?

We’ve discussed it but the truck is a way for us to get into the business to make sure we can be successful at it before making the full financial commitment to a brick and mortar restaurant. The truck also gives us the ability to try out different areas of town.

6. What’s the First Street Taco?

It’s a taco that draws its inspiration from a Peruvian Gold sauce made here in Jacksonville. We’d been using the Peruvian sauce in our backyard grilling and wanted to create a taco built around it. We start with a filet of grilled grouper that has a small amount of Peruvian seasonings. As we’re grilling the filet we brush on a little more Peruvian Gold Sauce. When it’s cooked we pile it into a taco wrapper along with lettuce, avocado, pico, and cilantro before drizzling a little more Peruvian Gold Sauce over the whole thing. It’s so good and everyone loves that flavor. The name is inspired by the fact that the sauce is made here in Jacksonville.

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