Visions of Vibrancy: South Beach

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The vibrancy of cities comes in all shapes and sizes. Many believe that what works in internationally known comsopolitan settings may not be applicable for cities such as Jacksonville, that have struggled with embracing walkability. If we look hard enough, we may realize that this type of view should be challenged. Despite the diversity around the globe, all lively cities, downtowns and urban cores have something in common: being pedestrian friendly.





Miami-Dade County attracts nearly 14 million visitors annually with South Beach being a major destination in the region. The region is the second top destination in the country for international tourists and has consistently ranked among the top five preferred destinations in the country for international travelers since 1990. To accommodate heavy pedestrian movement, South Beach's sidewalks and streets are lined with pedestrian oriented signage.



Washington Avenue is known for having some of the world's largest and most popular nightclubs. Despite the area's built density, landscaping is used to separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic.




The neighborhood of South Beach is home to one of the country's first public bike sharing systems. Decobike was launced in March 2011 as a partnership between Decobike, LLC. and the City of Miami Beach. Once fully implemented, the system will have 1,000 bikes accessible from 100 stations.



EspaƱola Way dates back to 1925. It was originally developed as "The Historic Spanish Village," modeled after Mediterranean villages found in France and Spain. Today it is home to many restaurants, bars, galleries and boutiques.

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