Downtown Revitalization: Miami

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Like many cities, Miami aspires to achieve greatness with its downtown. Judging from the amount of cranes dominating the skyline, Miami is well on its way. Today, Metro Jacksonville's Ennis Davis takes a look at the street scene of one of the country's most rapidly growing downtowns.

Named after industrialist Henry Flagler, Flagler Street travels through the oldest section of Downtown Miami.  Historically, downtown's premier retail cooridor and anchored by a six-floor Macy's, the thoroughfare still lives on as a major retail destination. Anchored by Marshall's, the Galeria International Mall is also located on Flagler Street. Overall, the Downtown Shopping District stretches from Biscayne Boulevard to 3rd Avenue and SE 1st Street to NE 3rd Street, encompassing more than 1,000 stores. It also houses the nation's second-largest jewelry district.

Founded in Cuba in 1885, La Epoca was the third largest department store in Havana when it relocated to Miami in 1965. In 2005, La Epoca relocated to this three story building on Flagler Street.

Downtown Miami's streets are filled with 'hidden shopping arcades.' These arcades are a large network of through-block retail passageways that have been struggled in recent decades. They may be ripe for a second life as downtown continues to densify with new residents.

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