Book Review: Cooking with Intuition

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It seems that most things go better in pairs, and Cari Sánchez-Potter and Robin Rütenberg’s Cooking with Intuition is a cookbook designed to celebrate exactly that—pairing. Not only does Cooking with Intuition pair the best beers with the best foods, but this cookbook is also a cooperative pairing between Intuition Ale Works and Second Harvest North Florida in order to bring you delicious recipes from local culinary artists.

Intuition Ale Works is a local brewery and taproom located in downtown Riverside. Established in 2010, Intuition Ale Works focuses on crafting quality and creative small batch ales, and in 2012, they became the first craft brewery in Florida to can and sell their beer.
Second Harvest provides nearly 350,000 individuals with food, and helps to feed one in every six adults, and one in every four children, who are hungry. Proceeds from this cookbook will be donated to this cause.

Cooking with Intuition is broken down into six major sections, with the first highlighting the story of both Intuition Ale Works and Second Food Harvest, and providing a brief introduction to the brewers at Intuition. The cookbook describes the “beerstory,” which defines the craft and discusses both the ingredients and how to make the final product. You can also find Intuition’s “arsenal” of beers, which is a complete and descriptive list of their core, specialty, and seasonal beers. Cooking with Intuition includes a pairing guide for your beer, as well as instructions on storage and how to choose the proper glassware.

The recipes in this cookbook include appetizers and cocktails, main courses, and desserts.  Each recipe belongs to cook or restaurateur in the area, and features one of Intuition Ale’s brews. Examples include “The I-10 Pretzel” featuring Intuition’s I-10 IPA, “Thai Drunken Noodles” with Intuition’s King Street Stout, and “Wit Crème Brulee” with Intuition’s Belgium Wit Bier.  
Cooking with Intuition can be purchased for $40.00 online at or , or at any of the following locations: Intuition Ale Works, Blue Bamboo, Bottega by Liz Grenamyer, Chamblin’s Uptown, The Cummer Museum Store, Grape & Grain Exchange, Restaurant Orsay, and The Museum Shop at MOCA Jacksonville.
You can also visit or for more about the book, as well as information about signings and tasting events.

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