All Aboard to Restore Locomotive 1504

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Metro Jacksonville's Kara Holmes investigates the history of a derelict locomotive hidden behind the Prime Osborn Center.

The 1504 spent the first twenty years of its life hauling passengers between Richmond and Jacksonville. Once diesel was introduced into the industry 1504, and its light pacific counterparts, were put into freight service. The 1504 continued its work in Tampa until the early 50’s.

After a decade of storage, the 1504 was given a thorough mechanical overhaul and sent back up to Jacksonville. It was displayed in front of the recently constructed Atlantic Coast Line office building, and stayed there for almost 30 years. In 1986, the 1504 was moved to the parking lot of the Prime Osborn Convention Center, which was once the site of the bustling Jacksonville Terminal, both of which were constructed in 1919. The terminal was one of the biggest stations in the South, and hauled about 20,000 passengers each day.

Here’s an article by Metro Jacksonville’s Ennis Davis with more information on the history of the Jacksonville Terminal, including a fantastic narration by Robert Mann. (

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