Best Restaurant Bars in Jacksonville

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From EU Jacksonville: Four restaurants that provide a good mix of tasty food and delightful libations that make them some of the favorite places to eat and drink in Jacksonville. Written by Jessica Fields.

Image courtesy of Orsay

The experience of having a beer, a glass of wine, or a cocktail with one’s meal is a time-honored tradition that I totally support. It’s easy to say that support for this tradition runs high, considering the plethora of restaurant bar options that are available in our fair metropolis. It goes without saying that some restaurants have better bars than others, and that sometimes a particular place will be better for satisfying a specific craving than others. For the sake of brevity, these four restaurants provide a good mix of tasty food and delightful libations that make them some of my favorite places to eat and drink in Jacksonville.

Image courtesy of Orsay

Riverside/Avondale: Orsay

Orsay is very well known around town for its delicious high-end French cuisine and swank decor. It is certainly the way to go if you want to impress someone special for dinner or a weekend brunch. However, Orsay is also a great place for a drink, be it a cocktail or a glass of wine. The beautiful bar invites you to linger over your libation of choice while you ponder the good life. The cocktail list at Orsay changes frequently and uses seasonal and unique ingredients when appropriate to create well-balanced and delightful drinks that are very enjoyable. The wine list at Orsay is very impressive indeed, perhaps one of the most impressive in the area. Whether you’re in the mood for a glass or a bottle, you will find something that will meet your needs. Most interestingly, they were the first local bar or restaurant to publicize their use of the Coravin, which is a device that allows for pours out of bottles of wine without disturbing the cork or the remaining wine in the bottle. Orsay made good use of their Coravin, making pricy glasses of ridiculously expensive bottles available to those of us on a somewhat limited budget. With exquisite food and sumptuous drink options available in a beautiful space, Orsay is great place to go out for a night on the town for a special occasion.

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