Jacksonville Hole in the Wall Restaurants, Part V

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A hole in the wall "scandal" and four more restaurants to check out.

Blue Boy Sandwiches

Is a restaurant with two locations a hole in the wall? In this case, I think so. Each of Blue Boy's locations are a bit obscure and like many of Jacksonville's deli's they've been around for decades and still remain un-ubiquitous.

I experienced Blue Boy at their Ft. Caroline location. If you didn't know they were open for business you would never know that they were open for business. The sign on the front of the building is faded. They're located right next to Nero's (which also looks like they are out of business). It's in an area of town where the strip malls are needing life. You feel the desperation of the stucco, it begs for your consideration($$$).  

So. Many. Options. Rueben, meatloaf, tuna salad and about a dozen iterations of a hamburger. This includes the Monster Burger, a two pound burger that "feeds a family of four". Usually, too many menu options is a worrisome sign. It makes me nervous but I suppose sandwich shops can get away with larger menus a little more easily than other eateries. Especially if you consider that Blue Boy has that one killer feature that allows you to care a little less about what is in the center of their sandwiches. They make their own bread and apparently "no preservatives in our bread", so says the sign on the wall next to the jaguars poster.

I ordered the Reuben. A sandwich that I never really order, ever. It's only recently that I've begun to really appreciate the subtle flavors of craft sauerkraut. Of course, Blue Boy's sauerkraut is nothing to write Germany about but they won me over to the Reuben. I loved it but it only works when you pour on the Thousand Island dressing. Otherwise, the sauerkraut is overpowering. The dressing tones down the harshness of the sauerkraut and brings all of the competing flavors together.

Plus, I got away without paying. Rather, i received a one day grace period. As soon as I asked for the check I remembered that I had left my debit card at home. The server directed me to talk to Betsy, the manager (maybe owner) and she didn't make me wash dishes.

Tip: Expect to wait if eating in the dining room. It took about 20 minutes to get my sandwich. Make sure you are able to pay before you order. Try their breakfast!

5535 Fort Caroline Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32277
(904) 743-3515

6514 Norwood Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32208
(904) 768-9791


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