Why Move to Jacksonville?

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Tali Wee of Zillow provides a few reasons for why people should consider relocating to Jacksonville.

Property Taxes

The property taxes in Jacksonville are significantly lower than the average property tax rate in the United States. On average, Jacksonville residents only pay $1,924 in property taxes. The U.S. average is a staggering $3,025. Property taxes in neighboring St. Augustine and Fernandina Beach weigh in at $3,347 and $3,424, respectively. These rates make Jacksonville the more desirable choice for those looking to save money.

In addition to culture, restaurants, entertainment and nightlife, Jacksonville has impressive local housing market statistics. Although it is impossible to determine the housing market’s growth in the future, homebuyers can be confident that current trends are pointing toward Jacksonville as a good investment. Among its many positive attributes, Jacksonville is also beneficial for those looking for a solid school system and an easier commute to work.

Guest article by Tali Wee of Zillow

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