State Road 9B Opens To Traffic

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Jacksonville is a city that loves its highways. Now residents have another expressway to enjoy: State Road 9B.

SR 9B - Phase One

After merging on to SR 9B Northbound, from Philips Highway, it's a two-mile trip to access Interstate 295 East Beltway.

The Cross Road Bridge is located just south of Interstate 295 East Beltway.  Before the first car had access to SR 9B, plans had already been announced for new commercial development at this location.  In future years, don't be surprised when this "isolated" bridge becomes a full fledged interchange.

While four lanes, SR 9B is already wide enough to accommodate an extra lane in each direction.  As the road fills up with cars, this will save money in the long run.

SR 9B Northbound lanes approaching Interstate 295 East Beltway.

Merging with Interstate 295 East Beltway Northbound traffic.

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