The Swedish Bistro Food Truck

October 5, 2013 9 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article talking Swedish cooking with Chef Karin Asmus-Herke of The Swedish Bistro Food Truck.

Stroganoff, made with Onion Tomato Cream Sauce, Mashed Potatoes and Diced Beef Franks

17. Can you tell us about your dessert?

We'll have one main dessert called a Chocolate Ball. It's the same size as a meatball but it's made with oatmeal, cocoa and butter, then rolled in things like coconut, nuts or sprinkles. It's sweet, chocolatey and delicious!

Swedish Chocolate Balls

18. What's your favorite item from The Swedish Bistro Food Truck? And what makes it your favorite?

Andre: I love the Bistro Burger. I never knew I liked beet slaw and pickled cucumbers until I ate the Bistro Burger.

Karin: I like everything on the menu but if I would have to say one dish it would be the Swedish Meatballs.

19. Are you going to find a single, set location or is your goal to move around?

We're looking to find a few places that we can rotate among during the week. We are currently on Main & Forsyth downtown on Mondays, Adamec Harley Davidson on Baymeadows Rd on Wednesdays and Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute on San Marco Blvd. on Thursdays.  Then, on the weekends we'll attend local festivals and things like that. We'll also offer catering and special events at night.

20. Anything else?

There aren't a lot of Swedish restaurants in the US as a whole and many people are not familiar with Swedish food. But Sweden is rated as one of the top culinary countries in the world. When Zagat recently named their top 10 restaurants in the world, two were from Sweden. A lot of chefs know that but it's less well known amongst the general US population. So, I think we'll have something that's very unique and a really great experience for people who love good food.

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