Jacksonville Hole in the Wall Restaurants, Part III

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Three new "hole in the wall" restaurants you should try and a bit more about Chopstick Charley's in a video segment with Channel 4's Kent Justice.

Turkish Coffee

Cheese Halwa

Chicken Sharma (right) and Beef & Lamb Shwarma. These are made in-house.

Shwarma Platter with lentils and tabouli

Karam's Mediterranean

Karam's is possibly the only place in Jacksonville where you can order a gyro that is made completely in house. Hundreds of thin slices of beef & lamb are stacked and slowly broiled. The chicken shwarma is cooked the same way. Typically, Jacksonville's middle eastern-ish restaurants purchase some thing like frozen meat from Krono's.

Everything is made from scratch at Karam's.

The falafel is light and airy, like a little cloud of chick peas and spice. The tabouli is crisp. The spinach pie (with house made dough) was delicious... though it needed more filling. The shwarma, good. I look forward to trying the chicken swarma as well as the kabobs next time.

Interesting observation...

It seems the people with the finest cars in Jacksonville are dining at Karam's. During my 30 minute visit I saw three different higher end vehicles pull-up. The drivers of which did not seem to know each other. As I walked in a BMW M6 Convertible (starts at $110k) was already parked.

Then, a Mercedes S-class (starts at $92k) picked up an order. As I was leaving, a Jaguar XJ (starts at $73k) turns into the parking lot.

I may have stared a little too long at the vehicles as I was leaving because, invariably, the owner of the beemer came out and asked, "Ah, you like? You want to buy?" So, I did what any man in my position would do. I laughed. Got in my very reliable Corolla and prayed, "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a..."

Karams was a tad bit too salty on my visit. Still, I will be going back... often.  

Their prices are low enough that maybe I'll be able to make an offer on that shiny car in the parking lot one day.  

4241 University Blvd S
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 636-9595

Open for lunch and dinner.

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