Jacksonville Farmers Market Celebrates 75 Years

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Many believe that Jacksonville is a community that lacks a marketable attraction. The type of unique and enjoyable travel destination that helps a city create a name for itself. Just west of downtown, we already have that type of destination in the Jacksonville Farmers Market. This weekend, the Jacksonville Farmers Market is celebrating 75 years of serving the First Coast in the form of a three-day Anniversary Celebration & Fall Festival filled with family-friendly activities, entertainment, and food, creating an ideal opportunity for the greater community to explore this special local landmark.

Black Velvet Apricots don't last long at Roy Vargas' Produce. Black Velvet Apricots are an hybrid of apricots and plums. Roy vargas' Produce is located on the eastern side of the midpoint of Building One.

Spells South Florida Mangos is a long-time seasonal vendor offering fresh sweet mangos. They are located at the far south end of Building Two (i.e. opposite end of building with Andy's Restaurant).

Food trucks are also known to make occasional appearances at the Jacksonville Farmers Market.

Gene's Famous Peanuts specializes in green peanuts and seasonal nuts.

Proprietor Andy with Tammy at Andy's Farmers Market Grill. Andy's is open Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM, and Saturday's, 7 AM to 4 PM.

The Farmers' Line is located on the east side of the Jacksonville Farmers Market. Here, farmers mostly sell wholesale off their trailers or trucks direct to Jacksonville Farmers Market and other area vendors, restaurants, and produce stores.

Live Louisiana Crawfish from Junior's Seafood.Junior also sells fresh Mayport shrimp & seafood, oysters, live crabs, & much more.Note, availability subject to catches.

Yellow Honeydew Melons.

Kale is one of the healthiest foods around and is a form of cabbage with green or purple leaves. Kale is called “the new beef”, “the queen of greens” and “a nutritional powerhouse.”

Looking for something uniquely "local" to entertain lingering out-of-town guests? Make your way over to Jacksonville Farmers Market, Florida's oldest and largest public farmers market, for indigenous and fresh area produce and agricultural products at up to 70+% savings over anywhere else! The Jacksonville Farmers Market is open eVERY day of the year from dawn to dusk.

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