Hogans Creek Wins Federal Funding Support

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A community-based initiative to improve parks and waterways in Springfield and East Jacksonville will move forward after being named one of three cities to be supported by Groundwork USA and the National Park Service.

The committee, which is supported by staff from the Mayor’s Office, JaxParks and the city’s Public Works Department, submitted a proposal in December to develop a sustainable partnership to improve Springfield. Representatives of NPS and Groundwork USA visited Jacksonville in May. More than two dozen local organizations submitted letters backing Jacksonville’s application.

"The Hogans Creek park system is a big part of the Springfield community. We're excited to be a part of this collaborative effort,” said Bill Hoff, president of Springfield Preservation and Revitalization (SPAR). "We have an opportunity to do something special with the Hogans Creek park system, and we're looking forward to the process moving forward."

In support of the application, Mayor Brown pledged to provide $50,000 annually to support the program’s development for three years if the City Council approves. The NPS will provide $80,000 to pay for the feasibility study and help Groundwork Jacksonville complete a three-year development process. If successful, a Groundwork Trust would be established as a non-profit eligible to receive grants that could pay for large-scale environmental cleanups such as those needed for Hogans and Deer creeks.

Jacksonville joins Atlanta and Indianapolis as one of three cities nationally selected to potentially join 19 others already in the Groundwork program.

About Groundwork USA

Groundwork USA is a network of independent, not-for-profit, environmental businesses called Groundwork Trusts linked together by the Groundwork USA national office. Locally organized and controlled, Groundwork Trusts provide cost effective project development services focused on improving their communities; environment, economy and quality of life. Services include community planning, project management, design and construction, fundraising, and support for maintenance.

Each Trust represents a strong partnership between government, business, foundations, community groups and residents. Projects serve a common agenda and are designed to accomplish other goals such as job training and environmental education. All projects and activities of Groundwork are carried out through a creative mix of staff and volunteers to leverage resources and engage businesses and residents in the transformation of their own communities.

Source: City of Jacksonville Press Release

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