Four Innovative Ideas for DIA's New CEO

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Last week, the Downtown Investment Authority selected Aundra C. Wallace of Detroit's Landbank Authority to serve as its first CEO. Here are four creative revitalization initiatives underway in Detroit that should be packed in his suitcase for the drive down south.

4. Place-Centered Revitalization

Over the years, Metro Jacksonville has been a huge proponent of Project for Public Spaces' Power of 10 concept for the redevelopment of parks, such as Hemming Plaza. However, Detroit is applying the Power of 10 concept at the downtown level.  

The Power of 10 framework suggests that a great city needs at least ten great districts, each with at least ten great places, which in turn each have at least ten things to do. Great public spaces produce an energy and enthusiasm that spills over into surrounding areas. By being conscious of this and planning for it from the start, Placemakers can speed up the process of revitalization by making sure that the key places within their district complement each other and great a major regional destination. That is the promise of the Placemaking vision for downtown Detroit. It is a grand experiment made up of many small, human-scaled parts and the largest full-scale Power of 10 exercise undertaken yet.

Focusing primarily on enhancing three major downtown public parks and the Woodward Avenue corridor, implementation of the plan will begin in summer 2013.

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Article by Ennis Davis

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