Family Business: Photo Essay by Ashley Vargas

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Ashley Vargas photographs three Jacksonville family businesses that have built a legacy in our city.

Chamblin Bookmine
They opened their doors on July 20th 1976 Ron Chamblin was 31yrs old. I got to interview Ron, and he had told me that when he first opened his store he had no idea what he was doing. I asked him “How did you learn, what you know now?” He replied with “ the best teachers I had were my customers, my customers taught me everything I know.”

After speaking with Ron, I got to go around his store and the further into the store I went it smelled like old books, and the yellowing of the pages just reflected me back to my brother’s room with his huge comic book collection.

Chamblin Bookmine
4551 Roosevelt Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Chamblin's Uptown
215 North Laura St.

I hope that the family owned shops maintain a place in Jacksonville. Not simply for what goods and or services they offer but because these shops offer a physical and emotional glimpse into those intangible memories that we seek to relive.

I would like to conclude by saying thank you to everyone that welcomed me into their store and shared with me apart of their family, and store history. I had a great time meeting everyone.  

Article and Photographs by Ashley Vargas

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