Downtown Investment Authority Selects CEO

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The Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) announced today the selection of its first CEO. Aundra C. Wallace of Detroit will lead the DIA’s efforts to build a more vibrant and competitive city, with a focus on Jacksonville’s urban core.

“The DIA is intensifying our efforts to direct good-paying career opportunities and economic activity to our city center,” said Mayor Alvin Brown.  “I’m pleased to welcome Mr. Wallace to our city and look forward to our work together to achieve our collective goal of attracting new Downtown residents and visitors, increasing the value of our Downtown properties, and helping to bolster economic security for all of Jacksonville.”
Wallace has over twenty years’ experience providing leadership in managing diverse programs and teams, starting-up quasi-government entities, collaborating with government, community organizations, businesses, and private citizens with emphasis in improving efficiency, productivity and organizational consistency as it relates to community, economic and housing development.   Mr. Wallace holds a Masters of Public Administration from Clark Atlanta University and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Georgia Southern University.  He is both a Certified Housing Development Finance Professional and Certified Economic Development Finance Professional.
“This vetting process has led us to two outstanding candidates to select from, and today I am glad we have finalized our selection with Aundra C. Wallace as our recommended candidate,” said Oliver Barakat, chair of the CEO Selection Committee and chair-elect of the DIA Board.
“I am very excited about having Mr. Wallace on board to begin helping us move Downtown forward,” said Don Harris, current chair of the DIA Board. “He stood out in a very rigorous and difficult interview process.”
The DIA is a key component of Mayor Brown’s economic development strategy and is responsible for creating and managing economic development, recruitment and marketing plans in the Downtown area. The Jacksonville City Council unanimously approved the creation of the DIA in August 2012.

Source: City of Jacksonville press release

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