Interview with Chad and Ian of Ovinte

July 21, 2013 0 comments Open printer friendly version of this article Print Article takes a moment with Chad and Ian of Ovinte.

11. Can you recommend some of your food items that can help people understand what Ovinté is all about?

Chad: For anyone who's travelled to Spain or Italy and enjoyed the fun, flavorful dishes they have, that's the best way I can describe what we do. The fresh pasta, fresh fish and filet are all amazing and will give you a good sense of what our food is all about. For a pasta dish we have an amazing Pappardelle Bolognese. It is made with pork and veal which are simmered in our tomato sauce and served with our homemade Pappardelle pasta. For seafood you can try our Ceviche, which is made fresh every morning. In our tapas section we have a large Raviolo that's served with seasonal ingredients. Currently it comes stuffed with lobster.

12. Why did you decide to make your own pasta in-house? Many Italian restaurants don't even do that because it's so labor intensive.

Chad: It was Ian's decision to do it but for me I can tell you that once you'd had fresh pasta it's very difficult to eat dry pasta ever again because there's such a textural difference. It just tastes that much better. When I go to the grocery store I go to the refrigerator section and buy that really expensive, fresh made pasta, just because it tastes so different. It's much lighter and has a lot more texture to it. Ian describes his cooking style as "scratch to table." The only things we don't make are the cheese and the bread. Other than that everything else is made in-house.

13. What would you recommend to someone who's been a few times and is looking for something a little different?

We don't have anything too off the wall. We do have steak tenderloin tartare though. Some people order it thinking it's tuna tartare when it's actually beef tartare and is marked that way on the menu. For those who appreciate beef tartare I've had many, many people tell me it's the best beef tartare they've ever had.

What's unique at Ovinté are the portion sizes and the array of flavors you can experience. We wanted to do things that were different but we didn't want to scare people away. So, for example, our filet mignon is on a fried risotto cake with a mushroom cream sauce over top. It's things people are familiar with but maybe done in a different way.

14. Do you have any hidden menu gems that people don't immediately think to try but that you know are really amazing?

We have one called Bolsa D'Angelo, which is an angel purse because it's angel hair pasta that we do in fried wonton wrappers. In house we affectionately call them spaghetti tacos. It's a wonton shell that we fry like a taco shell and then we stuff it with angel hair pasta and a marinara sauce with lots of fresh herbs on top. At first people aren't sure about spaghetti in a taco, but once they have it the textures are amazing. The wonton shell is very light. A lot of people have told us that it's now their favorite thing on the menu and they're so glad they actually tried it.

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