Interview with Billy Ross of Taste Buds Express

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6. Did you have a menu in mind when you started?

I did a lot of catering back in Texas for special events and charities. From that I developed a list of favorites that people really enjoyed. One of those items we have on the menu now is our Bourbon Chicken lunch. I've had people just order big pans of Bourbon Chicken for their lunch parties. It’s become so popular now that it was developed into one of our most popular tacos - The Bourbon Chicken Taco.

7. How do you differentiate your taco truck from other taco trucks?

Every truck or restaurant has their own distinct taste.  Our style of “spicing” along with our homemade sauces and marinades gives our food a unique flavor that people crave and keeps them coming back for more.  Our people friendly atmosphere, quality product and a rocking truck with comfortable outdoor seating makes for a great dining experience as well.

8. How do you come up with your recipes?

A lot of my recipes were taught to me by friends and family over the years. Some were trial and error experimenting with different spices.  Many of the recipes we use on the truck are top secret now. We’ve had several people and other vendors try to guess or duplicate some of what we do on the truck and they are nowhere close.

9. How much of the menu is stable and how much changes?

We will always have our Tex-Mex and tacos as a staple. I would say that 85% of our 3 page menu will always be regular items.

10. How is that to manage? Do you do all the cooking?

Yes, I prepare and cook all the food daily. The hardest part is to determine how much to make for each location.  I hate to waste food so a lot of our friends or people we see toward the end of the day might get a little something extra in their bags. For a company that's just started we've learned a lot, and we still have a lot to learn. I think we're doing alright so far.

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