JTA Announces First Members of New Executive Team

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As part of his previously announced organizational transformation plan, Jacksonville Transportation Authority CEO Nathaniel E. Ford, Sr. recently named a chief of staff and the first of five new vice presidents.

Atlanta attorney William R. (Bill) Moseley has been tapped as JTA’s Chief of Staff. Moseley, whose practice has focused on the areas of litigation, corporate and business law and governmental affairs, and is the former chairman of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), will report directly to the CEO.

At the same time, Brad Thoburn has been named to the new position of Vice President- Long Range Planning, Capital Programs and System Development. He has been serving as JTA’s Director of Strategic Planning and Research.

“I’m excited to announce that these two proven professionals are joining our executive leadership team,” Ford said. “Bill and Brad will be serving in critically important positions as we begin to implement agency-wide initiatives aimed at enhancing customer service and building a world-class transportation agency.”
Ford noted that Moseley, as chief of staff, will not serve as an additional layer of management.  Rather, his overwhelming track record of success will help JTA with initiatives such as a Transit Effectiveness Project, agency-wide technology programs and improvements. Moseley will also be responsible for performance monitoring throughout the organization.

Moseley is a descendent of the first governor of the state of Florida, William Dunn Moseley, who served from 1845 to 1849. In addition to serving as chair of MARTA, he served on the Atlanta Urban Design Commission and Central Atlanta Progress.  

Thoburn, who prior to joining JTA in 2010 worked in City Hall and for the Florida Department of Transportation, will be responsible for interagency relations with important partners and stakeholders such as FDOT, city of Jacksonville, U.S. Department of Transportation, regional transportation partners and others important to transportation in Northeast Florida. Thoburn will also co-lead the development of the agency’s strategic plan, designed to meet the transportation needs of the region and will implement and maintain the agency’s capital program plans.

JTA is also interviewing for vice president positions for Transit Operations, Finance and Administration, External Affairs and Compliance and Risk Management.  

Source: Jacksonville Transportation Authority